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Quaterly Case Study

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This is the list of our quarterly case studies. We try to use a variety of styles in writing them up. Most of them contain a theoretical analysis of what happened, but some just describe the process that we went through. If the case study does include an analysis, we might use concepts and terms that you aren’t familiar with. If that is the case, you can either refer to our collection of highlights and concepts, or look through the longer expose that explains the framework that we use.

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Summer 2005 East and West Germans in Berlin in an Open Forum, Fall 2004

This is a case study of a group process during a 3 day seminar in Berlin at the Milton-Erickson Institut in Berlin, in the Fall of 2004. The topic is the relationship between East Germans and West Germans. Thanks to Holger Nauheimer from the Change Management Toolbook, and Birgit Theresa Koch, who co-facilitated the process. We look forward to working more on these issues in our upcoming training in BerlinThis case study is also translated into Korean, and published by a Korean magazine. During our recent visit in Korea in January of this year, I met Mr. Won Kyoo Lee, the publisher of the Herenow Magazine in Seoul, for an interview. In a discussion we later had that day, he pointed out to me, that the Koreans have a great interest to study all processes about the "Wiedervereinigung" - the reunion - of the former East and West Germanies, and encouraged me to write this group process up. The participants of this Berlin workshop came from different areas of Germany and mostly just met during the workshop, and had diverse backgrounds in terms of their personal history and general backgrounds.

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