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My name is Max Schupbach. In 1999, I founded a consulting group, which today is called maxfxx inc. maxfxx is active on six continents in over 20 countries. My colleagues and I work as organizational consultants, trainers, facilitators and coaches within a wide range of organizations and communities. The basis of our work is Worldwork, the sociological daughter of Processwork, which is the overarching paradigm that the researchers Drs. Amy and Arny Mindell developed. Processwork explains how awareness, flow and “reality” are connected and create process. The Processwork paradigm is characterized by theoretical rigor and scientific exactness on the one hand, and an emotional inclusiveness and love for nature and life on the other. In our work, we aim to show that according to our paradigm, these characteristic are inseparable and complementary.

Worldwork brings is a new way of thinking about and working within the complete spectrum of collective life and its organizational forms. At its core is a theory that links research in consciousness studies to fresh interpretations of findings in modern physics. Concepts that you will encounter in the introductory article below, such as Deep Democracy, Organizational Myth, Edge, etc., shed new light on our perceptions of organizational life. Worldwork allows a participatory view, as well as analysis and facilitation of emergence and change within groups on a variety of different scales; from global processes to local events, and from the public space to various organizational forms, including businesses and communities.

In the links below you will find a theoretical overview and three case descriptions that demonstrate the application of these methods in various settings: the diverse environment of a Fortune 500 company, a town meeting style open forum with conflicting stakeholders organized by the city of Zurich, Switzerland, and a study on process-oriented organizational development in a large correctional facility.

TRANSFORMATION IN ORGANIZATIONS, COMMUNITIES, BUSINESS AND THE PUBLIC SPACE – An introduction into the perspective, methodology and attitudes in Worldwork

EUROPE, USA AND THE CARRIBEANS – Deep Democracy, collaboration and strategy in a Global 500 company

SHARING PUBLIC SPACE IN THE CITY: Business community, city government, police, punks and other marginal groups meet in an open forum in Zurich, Switzerland.

WHO IS THE CULPRIT – Organizational development in a prison: group process of inmates, correctional personnel, and prison administration.

On the top of this page, you find links to the translation of this homepage and the articles above into the languages of the countries in which we are working in: Arabic, Chinese, Farsi (Persian), French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Urdu, Xhosa and Zulu. We are thankful to the translators from these regions who helped us with this.

Thank you for your interest and have a wonderful day

Max Schupbach Ph.D.
If you are interested in the Processwork that my partner Ellen and I are doing with individuals and couples, please go to our website

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